Sant Baba Bhuriwale Public Senior Secondary School

Sant Baba Jaimal Singh ji Bhuri Wale is Known as an apostle of truthful service of humanity. After that Sant Baba Gurdial Singh ji Bhuri Wale served humanity on the same pattern and successfully carried on the acts of human service started by Sant Baba Jaimal Singh ji Bhuri wale. As the sacred message of Sri Guru Granth sahib.

"Vidia vichari ta parupkari"

The real educationist is he who always remains at the disposal of serving others. The same thought has been revived in the writings of Bhai Gurdas ji when he says:

"Jaise satt mandar kanchan ke usar dine"
" Taise pun sikh kau ik shabed sikhae ka."

While giving practical shape to this thought Sant Baba Gurdial Singh ji Bhuri Wale started an educational institution named Sant Baba Bhuri Wale Public Senior Secondary School, near Gurudwara Khooh Bhai Manjh Sahib, Kot Mit Singh, Amritsar. This way, Baba ji gave a holy service to the vicinity. Now it has become a great educational institution under the tender guidance of Sant Baba Kashmir Singh Ji Bhuri Wale and Sant Baba Sukhwinder Singh Ji. Hundreds of students, (girls and boys) here are shaping their future life.