Jathedar Baba Kashmir Singh Ji Bhuri Wale

Sant Baba Kashmir Singh Ji Bhuriwala was born in the village of Chatiwind in Amritsar district in the womb of Mata Gyan Kaur of Buta Singh's house. Passed from 1st to Middle Village School and Higher Secondary from Sri Guru Ramdas Senior Secondary School, Amritsar. Baba ji inherited the rites of service from his mother as Mata ji car seva sect Nirmala Sant Baba Jamal Singh ji and Sant Baba Gurdial Singh ji Bhuri sangat and participate in the Panthic services performed by them. Used to take

The religious home environment and the sangat of Baba Gurdial Singh Ji inspired Baba Kashmir Singh Ji to do Naam Simran and Seva and in that he permanently engaged in the service of Baba Gurdial Singh Ji. Thanks to the immense blessings of the Satgurus, Baba Kashmir Singh Ji met the criteria of patience, perseverance and service and Sant Baba Gurdial Singh Ji handed over the responsibility of 'Jathedar' of Kar Seva Sampraday to him during his lifetime. Baba Kashmir Singh Ji has completed the work started by Baba Gurdial Singh Ji with the help of Sangat with great devotion.

During the various centuries of Guru Sahib's celebration by the Sikh world, langar was set up by Baba ji to serve the sangat. In which on the occasion of the third centenary of Guru Granth Sahib Ji's Gurtagaddi, the arrangements for a large scale langar for millions of devotees at Sachkhand Sri Hazur Sahib Nanded for 3 days became historic. Hundreds of confectioners to prepare langar day / night on such a large scale, sangat from different villages of Punjab to distribute thousands, huge provision of drinking water to the mission of sangat and pangat all over the world. Highlighted. Thus Baba Kashmir Singh Ji Karseva has made a great contribution in the propagation of Sikhism by connecting the sangat with manual service and Naam Simran and the construction work done by him in various historical shrines has also become a part of history. .

Baba ji strives day and night to motivate the sangat in hot and cold weather to complete the ongoing seva works at various places. A round turban on his head, a simple black leather pair on his feet, a black cotton robe and a khaddar veil on his shoulder give a glimpse of Baba ji's high and simple life. Baba ji is satisfied with the humble handing over of the places touched by the Guru Sahibs to the administrators on completion of his service. Due to their sociable nature, once they meet him, he stays with them forever. This is the reason why Baba ji has a large circle of associates. Before starting any work he sits down with his associates and discusses.

Dashmesh Pita Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's shrine at Patna Sahib near Takht Sahib at Gurdwara Bal Lila (Maini Sangat) in collaboration with the Sangat by constructing 2 rooms with modern facilities Is Buses have been arranged to bring the sangat from the station to Takht Sahib and to drop them off on return. Not only this, apart from arranging langar for 2 hours, a big effort has been made to pack langar during the journey for the returning sangats after visiting the Takht Sahib. At Patna Sahib 3 rooms are now being prepared, adjoining houses worth crores of rupees have been procured to open the way to Gurdwara Sahib. A 3-room tower-like 4-storey building is being commissioned soon and there is a project by Pur Baba ji to construct up to 4 rooms. It is pertinent to mention here that the handicrafts (wooden doors, beds, grills etc.) made by the artisans for the construction of Patna Sahib besides the supplies for the langar and dry milk etc. are transported from Amritsar. Sangats continue to visit Patna Sahib for manual service. Due to the service initiated by Baba Ji at Patna Sahib, the trend of Sikh sangats from all over the country visiting the holy shrine of Dashmesh Pita Sri Guru Gobind Singh has greatly increased.

It may be recalled that Baba Jamal Singh Ji (Nirmala) Bhuri, who was entrusted by Sant Baba Karam Singh Ji Hoti Mardan, started his service by washing and sweeping the processions of Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib and on behalf of Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Baba Ji Was assigned the service of Brande on the south side porch to open the processions of Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib. After this there is a great deal of detail about the various works done / being done in the historical shrines by the present head of this sect Sant Baba Kashmir Singh Ji Bhuri, some of which it is necessary to mention a few.

In the memory of the great heroic warrior Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji, a beautiful shrine has been constructed at the adorned Gurdwara Shaheed in Amritsar. For the expansion of Gurdwara Sahib, houses adjoining Gurdwara Sahib have been procured worth crores of rupees and documents (registries) have been handed over to the management of Sri Darbar Sahib. Above the car park, beautiful Akhand Path Bhawan (2 rooms) and comfortable seats have been set up. Gurdwara Baba Botha Singh-Baba Garja Singh Shaheed has laid a beautiful floor in front of the interlocking tiles. The hall at Gurdwara Bibeksar has been expanded to include beautiful Sukh Asan and Akhandpath rooms above, two new Nishan Sahib services and a beautiful Darshani Deori on the side of Gurdwara Ramsar Shib.

Repair and painting of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Niwas, Sri Guru Arjan Dev Niwas, Baba Deep Singh Niwas at Amritsar and installation of safety nets, grills at Gurdwara Kaulsar Sahib Sarovar and making of pona for women's bathing have been completed. . In front of the Beri Bhanjani Beri associated with the immense devotion of the Sangat, the service of 4 rooms and a comfortable seat has been started on the brandy.

Room for Akhand Pathans at the langar building at Gurdwara Nanaksar Verka, where Guru Nanak Sahib's feet were touched near Amritsar Construction of Darshani Deori, processions and marble installation of Gurdwara Sahib and construction of Sarovar. At Gurdwara Karhali Sahib, 6 km from Patiala, at the feet of the Sixth and Ninth Patshahs, a splendid room has been set up for Sri Akhand Pathans and a building of Gurdwara Charan Kawal Sahib at village Karhali is under construction.

Baba Kashmir Singh is also in charge of the service of the historical doors of Darshani Deori of Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib. These doors are nearing completion.

Service of 8 room Guru Tegh Bahadur Niwas at Takht Sri Damdam Sahib, new building of Gurdwara Sahib Sant Sagar Baoli Sahib Gandikhata near Haridwar Sahib in memory of Sri Guru Nanak Sahib and service in Ujjain, a major city of Madhya Pradesh. At the place where Guru Nanak Sahib was discussed with Bharthari Yogi on the topic of "Jeevan Mukti", the magnificent new building of Gurdwara Sahib, the langar hall is being run with devotion. Soon the service of the new building of Gurdwara Sahib adorned in the memory of the sixth Patshah Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib at village Sultanwind near Amritsar would be started. Baba ji, who loves the creation of nature, has planted saplings in different parts of Amritsar city and has created a magnificent open park near Gurdwara Khuh Bhai Manjh. In which effective measures were taken to keep the environment clean by planting flowering plants like old age trees like Jand, Pipal, Tahli and Bohr etc.

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Expressing satisfaction over the services of Baba Ji, the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) Interim Committee in an important resolution has also entrusted the task of gold and extraction service at Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib to Baba Kashmir Singh Ji Bhuri.

He is accompanied by a large team of allies for the Panthic work to be carried out by Baba ji, who are entrusted with rank-and-file responsibilities which are entirely dedicated to Baba ji's orders. Special mention should be made here of Baba Sukhwinder Singh Ji, to whom Baba Ji has entrusted the responsibility of the entire Seva Karjas. Provide all kinds of technical work (drawings), necessary equipment and information on the services of nearby and nearby services over the phone, encourage those working there, liaise with the local community and all kinds of work wherever the work is going on. Buy and sell is on their tips. They are fulfilling the responsibility of caring for the young and old in the community and giving them due respect / love.

Thanks to the blessings of the Satgurus, such qualities as discipline, dedication, devotion, devotion and sociability are the symbols of the success of Baba Kashmir Singh Ji Bhuri's administration A little bit of food, a little bit of sleep, getting up at the time of Amrit and attending Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib and then taking a short walk and then engaging in seva till late at night is the life of Baba Ji. It is his creed to pay homage to the revered personalities of the Sikh world, the saints and great men, by taking two steps forward with great politeness. Udasi Samprada, Nihang Singh Jathebandis, Seva-Panthi, Sant Samaj, other religious and social organizations are always in touch. That is why they receive warm respect and support from the Panthic circles. *

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