Brahamgiani Sant Baba Gurdyal Singh Ji Bhuri Wale

Sant Baba Gurdial Singh Ji Bhuri Wala was born in the year 2000 in the village of Nat Mokal in Gurdaspur district to mother Basant Kaur and father Suren Singh. From his childhood he was a recluse and a recluse. One day in his childhood he came with his parents to serve in Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib at Sri Amritsar. Parents stayed here and participated in the service of Parkarma. Every day Baba Ji along with his parents started serving Parkarma in his childhood. Baba Gurdial Singh never tired of serving. One day while doing seva, it was very sunny and all the sangat sat in the shade, but Baba Gurdial Singh ji was doing seva with a basket. Sant Baba Jamal Singh Ji Bhuri came to him and Baba Jamal Singh Ji asked a servant standing near him who this young boy is. He said that Baba ji, both the elderly parents who have come from village Nat Mokal, is his son.

Sant Baba Jamal Singh Ji The brown eye of the brown ones recognized today that this is a very lovely soul, we should keep this young boy with us, Baba Jamal Singh Ji immediately called them to him and very Lovingly said, "Son, from today onwards, you must stay with us permanently." Engaged in Seva and Simran for

One day Baba Gurdial Singh Ji was doing seva in Bibeksar Gurdwara, he was doing seva with glowing naked and torn safa, while doing seva Baba Jamal Singh Ji asked him uncle, why are you taking off your clothes then Baba ji Baba Jamal Singh Ji took off his black robe from his throat and put it around his neck. Hearing this, Baba Jamal Singh Ji took off his black robe from his throat and put it around his neck. . After this behavior of the great men, all the sangats began to respect them even more.

This was the meeting of Baba Gurdial Singh Ji with the great Baba Jamal Singh Ji Bhuri Walia and the talk of blessings.

So now after Sant Baba Gurdial Singh Ji, Sant Baba Jamal Singh Ji became the successor of Bhuri people, he started walking in the sangat with great love, Baba Ji now took in his hands all the car services to Guru Ghar run by great personalities. Taken. All the sangats knew that Sant Baba Jamal Singh Ji was very much in love with Baba Gurdial Singh Ji of Bhuri. Whenever Baba Jamal Singh Ji went abroad to collect car service of Guru Ghar, he followed Tapoban Dera. And the great responsibility of all the services of the Guru's house was left to Baba Gurdial Singh Ji. For example, as even today Sant Baba Kashmir Singh Ji goes abroad to collect the service of Bhuri Guru Ghar, then the entire responsibility of camp and car services is given to Baba Sukhwinder Singh "Sukha" Ji and he They also carry out all these responsibilities very responsibly and efficiently. So Baba Gurdial Singh Ji used to say in the Sangat that Gurmukhs, work according to the holy Hukam of Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, chant Naam, and share, you will have great benefit and at the same time Satguru Ji will serve the Sangat. According to the order of,

" Let us serve the world and sit in the Dargah. ॥

Beloved, by doing Seva, the filth of the disorder within the human being is destroyed, so we should make every human being make our human life successful by doing true service to the Guru's house and humanity.

Baba ji used to urge every Sikh to pay Dasvand for Guru Ghar, he used to say that every creature who pays Dasvand for Guru Ghar from the work of his religion, such a dear Sikh and great Satguru Ji is infinitely happy. There is a great blessing in the business of a Sikh who pays tithes to the Guru's house during his stay.

He used to say that every seeker should sit on his sleeping mat before going to bed in the evening and look at the day's activities so that, if any lie is told behind the mind, someone else's right is killed. In other words, if any bad deed has been done unknowingly contrary to the Guru's Hukam, then one should repent and seek forgiveness in the holy presence of Dhan Dhan Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji by praying and praying to stop doing bad deeds in future. And if one has done good benevolent or good deeds during the day, then one should also pray at the holy feet of SatGuru Ji as a token of gratitude. Just like the Bani people keep track of their daily income and expenses and always keep the expenses below their income. By calculating the daily income and expenses, those people will easily become very rich one day or the other, just like us. If we keep an account of our deeds done every day and keep trying to keep the good deeds above the bad deeds, then one day we too will become good and meritorious people due to the great blessings of SatGuru Ji.

The law of nature is that where there is a flower, the little ones fly from far and wide to get the fragrance and satisfy their soul by getting the sweet fragrance of the flower, similarly Guru Gurdial Singh Ji Filled with the Holy Spirit of Walia, devotees from near and far often came to Tapoban Dera to associate with Baba Gurdial Ji to associate with the fragrance of Naam and Guru Ghar service. Some for a day, some for two days, and some for a week. There were many devotees from Amritsar who used to bring something for Baba Ji to eat every day, including Bau Charandas Ji, Bau Krishan Lal Ji, Bagbani Hatti Wale, Bau Om Prakash Ji from New Cloth Store, S. Swaran. Singh ji, S. Joginder Singh ji Kohli,

So while Baba Gurdial Singh Ji Bhuri did a great service to humanity in his lifetime, Baba Ji did great service through car services with the great support of the sangats of the very holy Gurdwaras of the Guru's house. Received the great happiness of Granth Sahib Ji.

So Baba Gurdial Singh Ji Bhuri Walia completed the Karesva of the historical shrines earlier in his life which were started by the great Baba Jamal Singh Ji Bhuri Walia. Apart from this, Baba Gurdial Singh Ji Bhuri started the following services of Guru Ghars in his lifetime with the great support of the Sangat: -

1. Performed the complete service of removing mud from Sri Ramsar Sarovar near the holy building of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

2. Gurudwara Bibeksar Sri Amritsar Ji's floor and sarovar process services.

3. Completed service of Gurdwara Thara Sahib (Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji) near Shri Akal Takhat Sahib. . Mata Kaunlan Ji constructed the Gurdwara building of Amritsar in the form of a large Gurdwara through Karseva.

4. In the holy procession of Sri Darbar Sahib Tarn Taran, Satguru Ji's great happiness was obtained by laying the best stone through car service.

5. Extensively constructed the building of the holy Gurdwara of Damdama Sahib near Sri Goindwal Sahib and by digging the sacred Sarovar there, obtained the beloved happiness of Satguru Ji.

6. Shri Sirhind Sahib worked to make the Gurdwara where the younger Sahibzada was martyred spacious and beautiful.

7. Gurdwara Shaheed Ganj, Baba Deep Ji made the building of Amritsar spacious and beautiful.

8. Gurdwara Aataari Sahib, built the beautiful Guru Darbar of Sultanwind (Amritsar).

9. Gurdwara Bhai Manjh (Amritsar) built a large building of Gurdwara Sahib on the sacred site and at the same time opened a large public school in the name of Bhai Manjh ji, where children are encouraged to engage in learning as well as Sikhism.

10. Started car service of Gurdwara Nanaksar Verka (Amritsar).

11. Gurdwara Bhai Sidhana ji started the service of the building of the Guru's house at village Serno (Amritsar).

12. GURDWARA SANGRANA SAHIB PA:(Sixth) Started the service of constructing a huge building of Gurdwara of Chhevi (Amritsar).

13. Started service of Gurdwara Darbar Sahib, Dera Baba Nanak Gurdaspur building.

Apart from this, the services of other holy shrines were started by Baba Gurdial Singh Ji Bhuriwala with the great support of the Sangat.

So Sangat Ji, Sant Baba Gurdial Singh Ji Bhuri people with the help of Sangat did great deeds for the betterment of Guru Ghar and humanity, which are still going on by his private place Dera Tapoban Bhuri people. Sangat ji, such truth-bearing great men adorn the universe, such great men are like the Parjat tree whose shade is very dense and the fruits are very sweet, they are a moving university of Sikhism.

So as per the Hukam of Satguru Ji, Baba Gurdial Singh Ji was very ill in his last years of old age for 3-4 years, very close to him in his old age and sickness condition and now his successor Baba Kashmir Singh Ji is very much in love with him. While performing this great service, Baba Gurdial Singh Ji also bestowed great blessings on Baba Kashmir Singh Ji and due to his deep love for them, Sant Baba Gurdial Singh Ji Bhuri people appointed him as their successor a few years back. , Had obtained approval from Nirmal Bhekh's Sadhua.

So according to the infallible laws of God the physical union does not last forever, so according to the great Hukam of SatGuru Ji

" ਜਿਉ ਜਲ ਮਹਿ ਜਲ ਆਈ ਖਟਾਨਾ॥ The light equals the light ॥

He gave up his five physical bodies on April 6 and went to Sachkhand forever. He was cremated on April 2 in Tapoban in a gathering of all the saints and saints of Nirmal Bhekh, representatives of all the sects and thousands of sangats. There was a lot of sadness on the faces of the congregation at the time of cremation. So on April 5, the bhog of Akhand Path Sahib of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was found in Tapoban. At the time of bhog, the sects of Sant Samaj, Nirmal Bhekh, in a large gathering of sangat, unanimously adorned their successor Baba Kashmir Singh Ji Bhuri with turbans and handed over the great service of Tapoban Dera Bhuri.